Advanced Center For Sports | Imaging
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Advanced Center For Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine is dedicated to providing its patients with the best services. Dr. Sickinger uses state-of-the-art technology to heal and prevent injury. Our office uses multiple imaging techniques including the following:

X-ray is an important modality used to visualize structures within the body. This technique has been used for many years as it gives detailed information in a relatively quick and cost efficient manner. X-ray beams are reflected off structures in the body providing 2D images on a screen. This technique is used to visualize bony structures as well as other soft tissues. Utilizing this imaging modality improves diagnostic abilities and overall patient outcome.

Ultrasound is becoming standard of care in the specialty of Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine.
This new technique uses ultrasonic waves emitted via a transducer to visualize internal structures of the body including bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, and vasculature. Advantages of this technique include dynamic evaluations as well as real-time visualization. This non-radiating technique is performed in the office for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

MRI is an advanced imaging technique that uses magnetic resonance to capture internal pictures of the body. This imaging technique gives detailed pictorials of bone, muscle, tendon, organ, skin, ligament, etc. This is a non-radiating technique that providers use for a more detailed image of internal structures at question.