Advanced Center For Sports | Bracing & Casting
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Bracing & Casting

Supportive wear and immobilization devices are critical in the recovery/healing process. Here at Advanced Center For Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine we use the latest technology in our product to expedite healing and get you back to activity.


Bracing is usually used to treat an injured part of the body. Recovering bone and soft tissue can be supported with comfortable fabric to expedite the healing process.  Duration of wear is determined between you and the physician. These devices are usually removable and can be cleaned easily. Product is often stocked in our inventory and can be given on the same day as the office visit. We use the highest grade product which comes from our manufacturer, DonJoy.

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Casting is a type of brace that provides more support. After agreed upon as the treatment of choice, a cast will be applied to the injured area of the body. Casting provides excellent support for recovery and healing of bone and soft tissue. There is an inner padded area for patient comfort surrounded by a harder fiberglass shell for protection. Casting is usually more of a permanent support where once placed, cannot be removed until taken off by a medical professional. Duration of wear is determined by the physician and patient. Casting can usually be placed on the same day as your office visit.